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Stars and stripes, burgers and fries, is an American concept, a South African dream, and Yankys Burgers opened its first shop in Gauteng in 1982. Delicious food, large portions, personal service and affordable prices are synonymous with Yankys and have been the success behind the concept.

"OUR CUSTOMER IS KING" is the Yankys motto and all staff are trained to regard the customer as "KING", for without customers there would be no Yankys. Friendliness, personal service and spending an extra minute to advise the customers on the extensive menu must be adhered to by all staff dealing with customers.

Yankys caters for the South African family who wants good food at affordable prices. Never before has there been such a need to provide affordability as today and on this basis Yankys has positioned itself throughout the market, prioritizing the need to provide the customer with value for money. "Our burgers are a meal, not a snack" is one of the "Yankys Commandments" found in all Yankys shops countrywide.

Yankys has adapted to changing demographics and turbulent financial conditions in South Africa and remains a buoyant business, with stores nationwide and a legacy that started in 1982, Yankys has proven its success as a leader in its segment of the market.

We strive to provide a large variety of food for the whole family at very low prices. We can boast that our burgers are the largest around, with the Monster burger weighing in at over 1KG. We are not afraid to take on the big names in the takeaway industry as our food and prices are the best around.
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